Recap: American Rental Association 2020

Feb, 26, 2020

American Rental Association 2020

The American Rental Association is an international trade organization that provides support and leadership for the tool and party rental industry.  Its membership includes over 10,500 rental operations and over 1000 manufacturers and suppliers.   The member companies reach all 50 states and 30 foreign countries.   Each year the ARA association holds a trade show that offers its members education, network opportunities and new products.  This year the ARA Show was held in Orlando, Florida and the theme was “Focus on the Future.”   The Party Reflections team had 11 attendees representing all our locations.  Each of our folks took advantage of the learning opportunities and developed innovative ideas they could bring back to our markets.  They were able to collaborate with other rental professionals and learn what works in other markets.  Most importantly, we were able to have a real #PRexperience as we enjoyed ourselves along the way. 
This year was extraordinary for many reasons.  On a very significant note, our President and CEO, Dan Hooks, stepped into his role as President Elect for the ARA.  He was voted in this role back in September, and for this 3-year commitment.  Next year at The ARA Show, Dan will be installed as President of The American Rental Association.  This is a volunteer position so he will continue his role at Party Reflections, Inc. but serve in this capacity with ARA to further strengthen the rental industry and its member companies.  Dan has served on the executive board for ARA for the last 3 years as the Party and Event Sig Chair.  His role was to represent the party rental side of the association.  In his time served, he was a part of creating the strategic plan that will be key in moving the association forward into the next decade. 
ARA President Elect, Dan Hooks  
  The ARA Show is marked by 3 significant portions for the attendees.  There is a full day of education devoted to “Tents and Events,” a full day of general ARA Education and then the 3-day trade show. This one-day Tents and Events session is open to the party and event rental professionals to allow them specific education programs, speakers and networking to further their business.  This year we had Jay Gorman (CLT OPS), Kellie Nelson (CORP Purchasing), Shelby Thomas (CORP Purchasing), Kent Henderson (COLA GM), Aimee Wicker (CORP Business Development) and Maurisa Beaver (CORP Marketing) attend.  Dan Hooks served as moderator/MC for the day.  This was a great way to kick start our week in Orlando and gather a wealth of information to influence our business. Joining the PR team for the remaining portions of the show were Joey Cathy (Raleigh GM), Mark Venable (Greensboro Sales MGR), Doug Rook (CORP VP Operations) and Holly Munyan (CLT Warehouse MGR).   All were tasked to share what they took away from The ARA Show.  As they share their knowledge, it is something everyone can benefit from.
ARA 2020 
ARA 2020
ARA 2020
While each of us learned valuable business principles, keys to customer success and solutions to our everyday problems, we all enjoyed the time spent as a team. We will never forget the experience we had eating together at Shula’s Steak House, with our one vegan. That still water and tap water are not the same.  Watching Jay and Aimee skip thru Universal Studios.  Returning numerous times in one day to sample the frozen mimosas on the show floor.  Daily shuttle rides in the black Tahoe with New York plates. At the fire and ice party wearing someone else’s gloves.  In the room with Joey when Duke beat Carolina in overtime.  All these moments were priceless and create the atmosphere we want at Party Reflections.  A place where team becomes family. #PRexperience. 
 Women in Rental
As a new initiative, Women in Rental, The ARA is recognizing and spotlighting the impact of women on a largely dominated male workforce.  Through the years, more and more women have joined this industry and proven to be a leader in their businesses and in the marketplace.  In order to continue to attract more female talent to the rental industry, they have formed a committee to harness that influence and develop more awarenessThe second annual “Women in Rental” breakfast was held during the show. This is open to all members of the association and men are absolutely encouraged to attend.  The tag line is “Better Together.”  The keynote for this session was delivered by Jessica Graziano, the CFO of United Rentals.  Her comments gave all the attendees the understanding that it is about equality. We all have strengths and contribute unique perspectives on the workplace.
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