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The Best Chiavari Chairs from Party Reflections Charlotte

At Party Reflections, we specialize in providing beautiful and high-quality chairs for events of all types in Charlotte, NC. One of our most popular offerings are our Chiavari chairs.

Chiavari Chairs from our Charlotte HQ

What Makes It a Chiavari?

The Chiavari style is known for timeless elegance and versatility. These chairs are used for a wide range of events, including weddings, galas, banquets, conferences, and more. The classic design of Chiavari means they never go out of style or look outdated.

One of the key differences between Chiavaris and other chairs is their construction. These chairs are made from lightweight resin, making them easy to move and set up. The lightweight design of these chairs also makes them ideal for outdoor events where wind and weather can be a concern. All of our chairs have a pad for maximum guest comfort.

Find the perfect chair to reserve a magical seat for your guests that makes your event special. Put it all together in our design center or get inspired with our gallery of chairs.

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Chiavari Chairs

When you need to add a touch of sophistication to your event, Chivari chairs are always a safe bet. These seats are upholstered in a cushion that matches the theme of your special event, making them ideal for weddings and other formal gatherings. Both regular and bar-height Chiavari chairs are readily available. These come in the colors of black, gold, mahogany, silver, natural and white to choose from.


Our bar stool selection will greatly improve the overall look of your event. Party Reflections carries a wide variety of bar stools to suit any occasion, from the retro chic of the Truman Barstool to the classic elegance of the Chivari Barstool.

Unique Seating Solutions

Rent one of our many unique chairs to add a particular touch to your event. Our oak pews comfortably seat between four and six people, giving you the freedom to host a formal occasion wherever. Our ancient Tuscan wood chairs and Avondale natural chairs can be combined to create a beautiful setting for any special occasion. In addition to the farm tables, walnut wood seats can be used as ceremony seating on their own merits.

Folding Chairs

Extra seating can be a problem at some events, but fortunately, folding chairs solve that problem neatly. Seating for formal parties can be found in our white resin foldable chairs and natural wood padded chairs. Our folding chairs are compact and simple to move around.

Kids Seating

Make sure that even the tiniest of your guests can relax with our white, scaled-down adult folding chair. Additionally, we provide hardwood highchairs and plastic booster seats for children of different ages. Due to the absence of a tray, wooden highchairs can be used at tables alongside regular chairs.


What Is This Chair Style Best For?

Chiavaris are a popular choice for good reason. For weddings, they offer a sophisticated and elegant look that perfectly complements the bride and groom’s special day. For galas and banquets, they provide some luxury that makes guests feel special. And for conferences and corporate events, they can easily match a professional look that’s sure to impress.

If you’re looking for a chair that will make your event look its best, the Chiavari style is a perfect choice. With our extensive selection of colors and styles, we have options to match any event theme.

Our staff is highly trained in setting up chair and table rentals efficiently and will do their best to be as unobtrusive as possible while they work. Plus, all of our rentals are rigorously cleaned prior to delivery so that they arrive ready to be used – this ensures that your guests are taken care of during their time at your event.