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Pole Tent

A tension style tent that is supported by a number of perimeter poles and center poles.  It relies on the tension of the vinyl fabric roof for its structural integrity. 

  • Range in size from 30′ – 100′ wide and can span hundreds of feet in length
  • Installed anywhere that staking is possible and ground surface is level

Frame Tent

A free-standing framework of aluminum poles that support a vinyl roof without the need for interior poles.  This self-supporting structure requires an anchoring system of stakes or concrete weights to hold the tent in place.     

  • Range in size from 10′ – 50′ wide and expanded by 10′ or 15′ lengths
  • Can be installed on multiple surfaces directly beside a building or home    
  • Clear vinyl tops are an elegant option for this style tent during certain seasons

Structure Tent

A fully engineered temporary structure with unobstructed interior space with advanced sidewall systems and a straight, clean exterior appearance.   

  • Range in size from 30′ – 100′ in width with unlimited length
  • Options include clear roof panels, multi-level floors, and glass doors
  • Engineered product for strength against inclement weather, HVAC environments, and for hanging equipment from the ceiling

Sailcloth Tent

With all of the same construction attributes of the regular pole tent, sailcloth tents are designed to have a more “natural” look with stained wooden poles instead of aluminum and a translucent top allowing for more natural light during a daytime event.

  •  Two sizes available – 44′ or 57′ wide with unlimited length
  •  Rounded end construction for unique round or oval designs
  •  The translucence of the sail cloth fabric richly enhances daytime events with natural warm light, and dramatically glows when lit for evening gatherings

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