Special Event Rentals



Rental Orders

What do you rent?

We have a broad range of rental equipment from tents, tables, chairs, china, linens and glassware.  In addition, we also carry a variety of catering equipment, dance floors, bars, draping, staging and products used for trade shows.  Our focus is on the special event industry and any need for parties and events.

How far in advance do you need to reserve items?

You need to reserve as soon as you know you need it.  Availability is key, especially in our peak months.  There is not a set time in advance you must book items, but the longer you wait the product you need could be reserved by someone else. Also, if your event requires us to set it up, you need to reserve the products sooner than later that in turn reserves the labor help needed to execute the event. 

How do I get a quote for my rentals?

You can use the online system to “Request a Quote” or you can visit one of our many showrooms to select the items you will need and have one of our staff prepare the quote.  All quotes are good for 7 days.  If you do not book in that time the fees will need to be evaluated to confirm the rates are accurate.

What do I need to do to reserve my rentals?

To take your quote to a reservation, you will need to sign the contract, the terms and conditions and make a 50% prepayment of the contract cost. This 50% prepayment is NON-refundable. This secures the products you will need and still allows you to finalize your order 7 days before delivery with firm counts and final payment.

Will the rentals be clean when I get them?

Absolutely. The items you rent are prepped for your use. All foodservice and linen items are washed every time they go out on an order.  We ask that you shake all the linens free of debris or food and that the plates and glassware are rinsed or wiped off before return.  We will clean and sterilize them for the next customer, but your responsibility is to return them free of food or drink.

How do I know what size linen to use?

Find our linen sizing sheet on the “resources” tab.  It will explain what size cloth fits what size table.  Also, our knowledgeable sales staff can also help you to figure out what size you need. They can be reached via email or phone.  Please “Contact Us” to learn more and book your next linen need.

What happens if an item is lost or broken while I have the items?

Depending on the circumstance, a replacement cost will be given to you upon return of the equipment.  It is your responsibility to pay the replacement charge on these missing items.  If you are able to return the items you would not be charged the replacement costs. 

Once I have designed my tabletop on the website design center, can I see the items in person before booking?

Yes, please visit one of our many showrooms to see firsthand the products we rent.  Each location has a design center equipped with chairs, linens, china, glassware, napkins and flatware to put you look together in person.  Once you have made your selections you can move forward to reserve your items by paying the 50% non refundable deposit to secure your rentals. 

What are your showrooms hours? Do I need an appointment?

Our showrooms are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.  Saturdays and Sundays we are closed. While an appointment to visit our showroom is not required, if you have been working with someone to get your quote started, it would be in your best interest to schedule time with that person so they can be available for you.

Deliveries + Pick-ups

Can I pick up my rentals or do they have to be delivered?

Many of our rental items can be picked up from our warehouses. Some items due to size or use require delivery. The salesperson helping you will confirm if your order requires delivery or not. All tents must be delivered. Depending on the location, the delivery prices vary. If you decide to pick up at our warehouses, Party Reflections does not accept liability for products loaded or unload by our staff or yourself. While we are happy to assist, it is ultimately the renter’s responsibility to load and unload their vehicle.

What does the delivery fee cover?

The fee quoted will cover delivery and/or pick up depending on your request. The fee covers a standard delivery of items to one central location the truck can drive to. If equipment has to go upstairs or in a remote location we cannot drive to, please communicate that to our event professional at the time of making a reservation. We are happy to quote that appropriate cost for special circumstances and ensure our drivers have enough time allotted to complete it.

I have a narrow driveway. How big is your truck?

Most of our delivery vehicles are a 26′ box truck.  While we have a few smaller vans and pickups, you should expect the delivery to be made in a full-size box truck.  If you have delivery constraints that we should be aware of, please communicate that to our event consultants upon making your reservation.

Will my items be set up on delivery?

If you need us to set up chairs and tables, you can have that service added to your contract for a small fee. Our delivery routes are scheduled with time allowances that if requested and paid for we are happy to accommodate. Some of our products require our installation and that is included labor or delivery fees. The linens and tableware are usually left onsite in their clean and prepared state and the caterer will usually set that up.

Can I schedule a timed delivery?

Yes, we have options for delivery times and those specifics will determine that delivery charges. Speak to your salesperson to get the most accurate cost for delivery depending on what your time constraints are.  The least expensive delivery option will always be an 8-5 window of time on both the delivery day and the pickup day.  We are happy to accommodate late evening pickups and timed deliveries, there will be a premium fee associated to that.

Can your drivers help me move furniture when they arrive?

Because our insurance prevents handling equipment other than ours, we are only able to deliver our equipment. It is in your best interest to have the event site ready for the equipment to delivered so there is no delay for the installation.

Do I need to check my items in on delivery?

Yes. The Delivery driver will require a signature on delivery acknowledging all the items on the contract were received. For Pick up, please count all items and put them back in one central location for our drivers to count and load. Locate any missing items prior to pick up in order to avoid missing item fees.

When can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

We are open Monday – Friday with location specific hours for picking up your order. Confirm with your event consultant the window of time you can pick up. Saturdays and Sundays we are are closed.

Tenting FAQ’s

What type of tent do I need?

This will best be determined by what type of ground it will be installed on.  All tents require an anchoring system.  Some require being staked into the ground while others are OK with concrete weights.  Your event professional can help you to determine all your options.

How do I know what size tent to use?

The size tent you will need to cover your event is varied.  It is best to reach out to one of our sales team to review what exactly you want to do under the tents.  Is it for a wedding? Is it for the reception? Will there be dancing? Do you need food stations? All of these questions and more will be considered when finding the right style and size of tent for the space you are wanting to cover.  See our tent shortcut resource on the “resource” page.  Also learn more about the tents available on our “tents” page.  For the most accurate resource, reach out to our staff to get the details needed to quote you on a tent.

Will there be poles in the middle of the tent?

We have all types of tent structures.  Pole tents will have center poles, while frame tents will only have poles around the perimeter.  All tents have functional advantages and budget benefits.  Contact us to assess what tent will best fit your budget and need. 

Are tents only white tops?

Tents can have a white or a clear top.  Each has a specific application.  Clear tops are more expensive but offer a beautiful al fresco event experience.  White tops are sun blocking to provide maximum shade.

What if I need lights in the tent?

We offer a full array of lighting options for our tent installations.  It could be as simple as utility lighting to more atmospheric cafe lights or chandeliers. See our galleries to get ideas for what would work for your event.

Is draping included in the tent?

Draping is an accessory that can add design and décor to the tent.  It is an additional fee to add but it will create a unique look. Once the size of tent is determined, a quote can be given for the custom install needed to add draping or fabric.  There are different types of fabric available and in a range of colors options. 

How long does it take to install a tent?

The time to install is determined by the size.  The larger the tent the longer the installation.  Most tents can be installed in a day, but larger tents that include lighting and décor will take multiple days.  Once you have determined the size of tent and rentals need, the event consultants can give you a production schedule that allows your other vendors and venue to work around.  

Will the tent be delivered the day of my event?

Because of the time needed, it is always best to install the tent the day before the event and pick up the day after.  On a weekend event, that would mean a Monday or Tuesday pick up.  We charge for the one use of the tent, not for the number of days it is on site.  We do offer long term rental rates for applications that are more than one event day.

What if it is raining the day of my event?

Our tents will cover you for rainy weather.  If you need to put sides on the tent to enclose it, they are available for an additional cost.  If the temperatures drop, we have heaters that can be used to climate control the inside.  Should the weather be hot, there are options for fans and air conditioning as well.

What do most people overlook when planning a tented event?

The weather.  You need to hope for the perfect weather day and design your event around that.  Then you need to have a rain plan that allows our team to pivot into a pre-determined option for the site that ensures everyone is covered.  By having this mapped out prior to the event week, you are only faced with deciding which option to choose and you have a budget to allow for a change in the weather.