Special Event Rentals



Hemsworth Bar

BAR DIMENSIONS: 74″x 27 1/2″x 43 1/2″H PANEL DIMENSIONS: MIRROR DIMENSIONS: 25 5/8″x 14 5/8″x 1/4″

Hemsworth Column

The Hemsworth Column can work in conjunction with the Hemsworth Bar or it can stand alone.  It is completely enclosed on all 4 sides.  It measures 27″x27″ and stands 39″ tall.    When added to Hemsworth bars a larger configuration can be made. Pictures show columns with the bars-  Bars rented separate.

Montgomery Bar

Bar Dimensions: 74″x 33″x 41 1/2″H Top of Bar: 33″ WIDE Base of Bar: 30″ WIDE Has two shelves. Putting all 4 bars together will create a circumference of 36′. When using all 4 bars the inside diameter is 3′ and the outside creates a 72″ round.