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Why Would a Client Need to Utilize a Custom Floor?

No matter the location of a tented event, Party Reflections can build a custom floor to accommodate your needs.  Have a permit to tent a public park but can’t damage the grass?  We can help you.  Want to extend a deck off the back of a private home but there is a 10′ drop?  We can do that.  Need to create a ceremony tent and a reception tent that are connected by a walkway in a floodplain?  We can build that.  The floor is the foundation of the rest of the event.  It is important to understand what types of floors exist for special events and what considerations are made in the planning stages to build a custom floor for an event. 

Ring Flooring Social
Ring Flooring Custom Stairs
Ring Flooring Custom Stairs 2

For this post, we asked our Senior Project Manager, Lenny Shelor to share his insight on custom flooring.  Lenny and his team conduct site visits across the Carolinas assisting clients with what can fit in a specific area and providing suggestions on how the client can create the event venue they want.  Here is a recent time lapse video of a custom floor being laid and tented for a private home wedding.

Why would a client need to utilize a custom floor?  Typically a client would need a custom floor in order to create a level area for a tent or to establish a surface to install floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl or turf.  Other reasons can include needing to go over an obstruction such as landscaping or wanting to increase available square footage for an event.  The considerations that the team will evaluate during the site visit include; the terrain and access to the site, will a forklift be needed, the size of the floor, are we tenting on top of it, will it need railings, stairs or additional floor coverings? 

Ring Flooring Pool
Ring Flooring Pool 2
Ring Flooring Pool 3

Once all of these factors have been considered, the team then determines what type of floor will work best to build what the client needs.   Party Reflections has multiple flooring systems that are utilized depending on the need.  For the most part, we will build a custom floor with Biljax decks, Ring flooring or Sur-Loc decks.  Each system is distinctive and used based on what type of floor is being built. 

Biljax is the event industry standard for building floors and stages.  Biljax decks com in 4X4′, 2X4′ and left and right curves.  These decks are very durable and can hold 2000 lbs per 4X4′ deck.  Due to its versatility, there are many ramp, step and railing options with this type of floor.  Biljax is not ideal for all flooring needs as it is heavy, involves a lot of legs and needs to be covered and/or skirted.  Here are some examples of Biljax decks in the field.

Biljax Stairs
Criterium Race Viewing Platform
Biljax Flooring

Ring Flooring is the most recent system that Party Reflections has invested in due to its versatility and weight capabilities.  The Ring Floor has a metal subfloor with a wood top and is infinitely customizable.  Utilizing this floor system allows the team to build a floor at any height over any terrain.  It can be covered with any floor covering material and can be used to create steps, decks and platforms.  Here are some examples of Ring Flooring in the field.

Ring Flooring Wedding
Ring Flooring Wedding 2
Ring Flooring Wedding 3

Sur-Loc Flooring is yet another option when the main goal is to lay down a floor on a flat surface.  The Sur-Loc Floor we offer comes in 4X4′ decks, is lightweight, extremely easy to install, economical and looks great with carpet or turf coverings.  The drawback to this floor system is that it cannot be raised off of the ground and there are no ramps available.  Here are some examples of Sur-Loc Flooring in the field.                          

Sur Loc Flooring
Sur Loc Flooring
Sur Loc Flooring Event

Whether you are in need of a 16×16′ stage for a speaking engagement or to build a 15,000-square foot floor for a 500 person sit down dinner, our Party Reflections team is ready to assist you.  Contact our sales team at any location and we will walk you through this process and ensure you plan for the best floor based on your needs. #PRexperience