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Onyx Garden StructureTent

There are only 2 in North America

Party Reflections is proud to introduce the Onyx Garden Structure Tent.  This is the second tent of it’s kind in North America. It is available is 15M(50’) or 20M(66’) widths, the structure stands on 4M(13’) uprights around the perimeter with no internal poles.  The center portion of the structure is raised 4’ above the normal pitch of the tent to allow for a more grand appearance.  Leg spacing on the side is 5M so you can build structures in length from 10M(33’) to 35M(114’) in either width.  Accessories that fit our normal structures such as glass walls and doors will also fit this structure and can be wrapped to match the Onyx frame color.  The clear top allows for amazing views and the black vinyl edging on the tops create a very elegant look for a nighttime event.  These particular sizes require a forklift for installation due to the fact it is built with the P3 Uniflex Losberger profile for strength.  The structure can support hanging loads up to 1,000lbs per arch.  This is the Losberger De Boer Structure LEVO.

Bird’s-Eye View

Two Sizes Available

Step into a world of modern sophistication and take your event to the next level with the exclusive Onyx Garden Structure Tent! Now, the second one of its kind available for rent in North America, this eye-catching tent’s black frame and clear top create a unique architectural silhouette that will leave your guests speechless. Contact our team to see how you can make this vision come to life. #tentedevent #tentedwedding #nceventplanner #sceventplanner #ncweddingplanner #scweddingplanner #glamorousgathering #structuretent #gardentent #paviliontent #cathedraltent #levostructure

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