Special Event Rentals

Abbey Gold Flatware

Abbey Gold Flatware is back in inventory and now available for rent. Abbey Gold Flatware This pattern had been a staple in our inventory for many years. When our supply dwindled and our supplier was no longer carrying the pattern, we were forced to remove it from inventory. Over the last couple of years we

Distinct. Stylish. Lighting.

Lighting Launch 2022 New lighting options are now available for your next event. We are adding 22 new light fixtures that can be installed in your tent or venue. These options will add distinct design elements to your party or wedding. Work with your Party Reflections account manager to determine how best to incorporate these

2022 Queen’s Cup Steeplechase

The Queen’s Cup Steeplechase celebrated its 25th anniversary this past weekend. After 2 years of waiting until they can have a full audience, it was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. As the official event rental supplier of the steeplechase, we were anxious to see all the tents in the air and the patrons dressed

Our Next New Product Will Make You Boast

Day 11 Pop the cork and make a toast, Our next new product will make you boast This beautiful linen called Champagne Bliss, Makes a statement you can’t miss. So dress your tables and deck the halls, Celebrate with Bliss when the need calls. #christmascameearly  #prexperience 

It Only Gets Better with the Montgomery Bar

Day 10 “Christmas Came Early” has been fun so far, It only gets better with the Montgomery Bar It can stand alone or as a pair, It can even be a circle but not a square It is custom built and painted white Your guests will get drinks all through the night. You can serve

The New Product We Share is a Linen That’s Fine

Day 9 The gifts keep coming and today is Day 9, The new product we share is a linen that’s fine. Ivory Felicity brings a rich texture to your event, It’s neutral color will compliment other linen you rent. Your guests will feel the elegant touch, As you add this new linen and china and

Today’s New Product is a Plate Called Piatto

Day 7 A similar mate you were promised, and a mate we will show, Today’s new product is a plate called Piatto. It pairs well with Viva as a set, Or with new Boho if you let. The texture on the rim is simple and refined, Your guest will remember where they have dined.  #christmascameearly