Special Event Rentals

Why Partnerships Matter

Party Reflections Inc. Mission Statement:

To provide upscale rental products and services

to create innovative solutions and lasting memories

for our partners and clients.

Careful consideration and thought went into formation of our company’s mission statement.  Every time I read it or hear it, I think the word that stands out the most to me is “partners.”  The special event industry is very demanding on the relationship between customers and vendors.  From production schedules and timelines to weather and venue challenges, creating an event takes an enormous amount of energy and stamina to see it through to completion.  A mutually beneficial partnership is paramount to ensure a successful event for all parties.

Party Reflections strives to form this level of commitment with our clients because we know how stressful these situations can be.  We want our clients to rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to be that trusted advisor or resource they need to support them throughout the process. As a vendor, we are tasked with supplying all the right equipment in the right quantities and at the right time to create our client’s vision and exceed their expectations.   The customer and the vendor must partner together to understand the vision so that it can be revealed to their guests.

Challenges are going to arise regardless of how much thought and planning goes into an event.  Party Reflections sees these challenges as opportunities to confirm to our customers why they called us in the first place.  We meet these challenges head on sometimes before the client is even aware of them.  With over 55 years’ experience in the industry, we are prepared for these challenges and waste no time solving them.

We were recently called upon to provide equipment along with labor and logistics help for the AKA Sorority National Convention Dinner held at the Charlotte Convention Center.  Together with some other amazing vendors and volunteers we partnered with the convention center staff to transform 280,000 sqft of space with over 10,000 guests watching a presentation to a sit down dinner setting for 10,450 and back in record time.  All of the action was captured in this short time-lapsed video for your enjoyment.

Our partnerships are built to extend beyond this single event to be available many years down the road as other opportunities come up to work together.  We believe the value of this relationship far exceeds the investment by either party.

Party Reflections has partnered with The Charlotte Steeplechase Association to form a great relationship moving forward for the Queen’s Cup held annually in April.  Working together for years at a time will allow us to better understand the event and all that our expertise can bring to the table.  Our goal is to provide the best possible equipment and service to create wonderful events and lasting memories for our partners. 

Life’s events are made sweeter when you have a strong partner to lean on for support.  Thank you for making Party Reflections your event partner for years to come.

Dan Hooks, CERP


2014 Queen's Cup
Lawn Boxes at Queen's Cup
Member's Hill