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60th Celebration

Last month, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. Our roots date all the way back to 1958! As a family-owned rental company that built a successful business based on honest, hard work, and family values – we are extremely proud of this huge accomplishment. Over the years we have provided rental equipment for intimate backyard weddings to

60th Anniversary Milestone

Partners and Friends, On November 15, 2018, Party Reflections, Inc. will officially be 60 years young. It seems only yesterday we were celebrating our 50th anniversary and yet another decade has passed.  Wow! What a decade! Little did we know that we would face the toughest time in our company’s history during our 50th year in business.

Wyndham Championship 2018 Interviews

In this blog post we interviewed different members of our team to gain insight on the biggest event of the year, the Wyndham Championship.  Kathryn Meyer: Kathryn has been the account manager for The Wyndham Championship since 2012. This event involves well over 250 tickets and work orders that involve product, logistics and design. Her expertise

Proud Rental Partner of the QC Catering Launch Party

Relationships are the foundation of the hospitality industry and essential to the success of all event professionals.  A single person or business cannot orchestrate an entire event from start to finish without the knowledge and resources that their fellow colleagues bring to the table.  When vendors work together to produce an exceptional event for their

Bold Vision, Focused Optimism: A 2018 Outlook

While taking stock of wins and losses from 2017, I truly believe 2018 offers better opportunities for our industry than we have seen in many years.  As we enter into our 60th year of business, consumer confidence is higher than it has been in the last 17 years and the stock market continues to set records

Pop, Fizz, Clink – All Things Champagne

To rent that is… Here at Party Reflections we tend to stick to what we know and on the topic of Champagne that means Glassware and Linen!  With so many holiday details featuring metallic tones and bubble bars, it is a perfect time to showcase all the items you can use to bring the “Pop,

How PR Tailgates Across the Carolinas

The Fall season brings thoughts of cooler temperatures, leaves changing color and college football.  The south is known for many things but nothing more iconic than a good college tailgate. Every school does their pre-game party a little different, but they all do it.  At Party Reflections, we have the privilege of working with colleges

How do you Stay Cool in Columbia, SC?

Columbia, South Carolina is known for many things. It is the state capitol. It is the home of the USC Gamecocks. And it is known for being HOT. The city has promoted it’s “hot status” by being known as “Famously Hot.”  Regardless of the heat, there are great things to do in the city and

Why Would a Client Need to Utilize a Custom Floor?

No matter the location of a tented event, Party Reflections can build a custom floor to accommodate your needs.  Have a permit to tent a public park but can’t damage the grass?  We can help you.  Want to extend a deck off the back of a private home but there is a 10′ drop?  We